President of the Management Board of Save The World Real Estates Sp. z o.o.- Mr. Grzegorz Granowski has subjected the building to thorough reconstruction, expansion and modernization. In its version, the building has 6 floors and a basement, which houses our club and restaurant Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant. We invite you to familiarise yourself with the offer of the club: 

The ground floor was intended for retail and service areas.

The interior has been furnished to a high standard for service and office buildings, with modern technological facilities. At your disposal we leave the ground floor and floors 1 - 5.

Save The World supports all initiatives aimed at limiting the excessive use of energy from non-renewable sources. In our new building, the Building Management System (BMS) has been installed, which comprehensively manages the installations and media of the building, automatically optimizing energy consumption. 

Floors 1 - 5, prepared for the needs of a modern office. Save The World offers the possibility of renting individual office spaces of various sizes. 

The building is equipped, inter-alia, in:

  • a representative entrance hall from ul. Łaciarska
  • 2 elevators - 2 staircases
  • higher standard of finishing
  • ventilation / air-conditioning installation, independent for each storey
  • fire protection installation
  • broadband internet
  • Building Management System (BMS) 
  • installation of CCTV security television 
  • transparent system of building markings